Shipping & Returns

Terms of delivery for CF4 Schools (hereinafter called CF4)

  1. These provisions and costs are a supplement to our General Terms and Conditions.
  2. Upon receipt of your order, will we send an invoice specifying the goods ordered to your email address. Once your payment has been received and cleared in our bank account, we will immediately prepare the goods for despatch. This applies to products we have in store. Currently, we despatch our goods exclusively via Deutsche Post AG/DHL.
    Your will receive your order within 5 days. For a standard delivery based on a normal packaging unit (up to 31.5 kilograms), we add delivery charges of €5.90 including VAT gross to the goods value.
  3. Goods, which are subject to make-to-order production, will normally be dispatched 6 to 8 weeks after your payment has been cleared. Having received and examined the goods at our end, we will dispatch your order as described under Item 2 above. These deliveries too are subject to delivery charges of € 5.90 including VAT.
  4. Delivery costs for any deliveries exceeding 31.5 kg or for bulky goods have to be calculated on the basis of their weight and/or volume. We will inform you of the costs involved in a separate email.
  5. Currently, we delivery exclusively within the Federal Republic of Germany.